An old jeep bounces along a muddy dirt road, cutting a winding path through the calm claustrophobia of dense jungle. The travelers are a young American couple, content in life and love, but completely unprepared for the catastrophe that lies just around the bend.

A moment of distraction turns tragic as they enter a sharp curve and are suddenly met by an oncoming car. Swerving to avoid a head-on collision, their jeep jerks to a halt at the edge of the road as the other car careens past, begins to roll, and plunges into the jungle.

Shaken, the young man and woman hurry to the wreck site to find a frantic mother kneeling beside the overturned car. Her daughter is pinned underneath. As the group struggles to communicate across a language barrier, life hangs in the balance.

Ill-equipped, overwhelmed, and miles from any help, the harsh realities of the ensuing chaos and desperation betray deep flaws in the couple’s relationship, forcing them to confront each others’ true character, as well as their own.